Typical Properties Of Dielectrics
There are many Dielectrics available to meet the needs of all types of circuits. They are used to build multilayers, crossovers, seal rings and solder stops.
Dielectric Constant 1 Khz: 6 - 15
Dissipation Factor: .02% - 0.4%
Breakdown Voltage per 25 micron thick: 400 - 600 VAC
Insulation Resistance: >1010 - >1010
Colors: Blue, White & Pink


  1. Protects thick film resistors from environmental conditions encountered in subsequent processing, reactive organic potting compounds and overspray from air-abrasive trimming.
  2. Acts as a barrier to prevent wire, solder and epoxy shorts in assembly processes.
  3. May be used in a wide range of colors to code look-alike circuits.

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