96% ALUMINA - The most widely used hybrid circuit substrate material is aluminum oxide. It has excellent dielectric insulating properties mechanical strength, a relatively high degree of chemical inertness and good surface texture characteristics and it is easy to fabricate.

BERYILLIA - Beryllia (BeO) is another substrate that has long been in use for hybrid applications. The high thermal conductivity and the low electric constant make it attractive for high power and high frequency applications. However the use of BeO has been limited by two factors, the relatively high cost compared to alumina and the toxicity of BeO dust when sawed, ground or machined.

ALLUMINUM NITRIDE - The primary advantages of alliminum nitride (AIN) are the high thermal conductivity and it's close TCE match with silicon. AIN can draw heat away from a silicon device better than alumina beryllia which will substantially reduce mechanical stresses.
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